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Store updates

if you have any ideas about our stores, Please tell ours, thanks so much.

Found some missing or wrong information? Found a store that should be included on the site? Send us a message! We love to hear from you.
House 4, 249A Thuy Khue, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
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How does SOFF work?

Using SOFF is very straightforward:

  1. enter your address or the name of a store in the search bar and click on ‘search’.
  2. The map will now center on the street or store.
  3. Your location is indicated by the red pin. The green pins are stores that sell safe and organic vegetables.
  4. Click on a store to show its back information like contact info, a storefront picture and opening hours.
  5. Click on the name of the store to bring up detailed information about the store: you can find out which certificates the store has, which kinds of certified vegetables and other information such as payment options, membership cards, etc.

What does it mean when a store is featured on SOFF?

If a store is featured on SOFF, this means that at the time of our survey team’s visit, the store:

  1. claimed to sell safe or organic vegetables in a way that was visible from outside or, if it’s a well-known store, in its communications;
  2. was able to present a valid VietGap, PGS or Food Safety & Hygiene certificate;
  3. carried some vegetables whose packaging clearly mentioned they were certified safe or organic.

This does not mean that everything the store sells is safe or organic: the list of vegetables that carried a safe or organic logo during our survey is mentioned in the store profile on SOFF. For produce other than the ones listed, please look at the packaging or ask the staff.


My favorite safe or organic store is not on SOFF!

Let us know about this store by clicking on ‘contact’ and sending us a message. We will put it on our next survey list to see if it matches our criteria.



Hey, I went to visit a store and it doesn’t exist/I couldn’t find it/some of the information on SOFF is wrong.

Send us a message through the contact form. We’ll look into it!


I’m a store that sells safe and organic products. I’m not on SOFF, but I’d like to be.

Send us a message by clicking on ‘contact’ and tell us the following:

1) Your name and location;
2) Which certificates you have



Who is behind SOFF?

SOFF is part of VECO Vietnam, the Vietnamese country office of the Belgian INGO Vredeseilanden. Funding comes through Vredeseilanden’s Innovation Fund.

If you want to get in touch with SOFF, please click on the ‘Contact’ button and use the contact form or call the number that is listed.

Step 1: Enter your address on or in the SOFF app.

Step 2: Choose a store.

Step 3: Buy safe and organic vegetables!