Students invent a smartphone app to help citizens grow safe vegetables


A group of six students was recently awarded the third prize at Danang Runway Startup 2016 for creating a hydroponic vegetables production system supported by a smartphone app. The system which is named Greendy allows people to grow safe vegetables at home using an easy hydroponic method. The system includes a trellis made of PVC plastic and a steel frame. It operates thanks to a pump and sensors that collect information about pH level, temperature, water volume and level. That information is then transmitted to smartphones thanks to a wireless transceiver module.

In order to grow, the vegetables must be fed by a hydroponic solutions containing essential nutrients that will optimize the plants’ growth in the water environment. After sowing, the electronic circuit in the system will regulate the process of making the hydroponic solution in line with a pre-programmed formula which can be adjusted by users. Temperature and pH levels are continuously measured by sensors in the hydroponics solution barrel. These sensors then determine the volume of water to be pumped into the solution barrel to keep the right equilibrium.

In addition, the app provides information about the nutrients contained in the fruit and vegetables, and offers suggestions for recipes and menus. Using the Internet of Things, Greendy contributes to increasing the role of technology for environmental protection and awareness.

Work in progress, the app currently only runs on Android but the students are working on Windows phone and iOS versions of the app.

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